Friday, October 21, 2011

Hidden Masterpeices in Our Favorite Restaurants!

We realized that its hard for us to write articles about our favorite restaurants without giving away our location, as most of our faves aren't chain restaurants. However, that doesn't mean we can't write about our favorite dishes from these restaurants. This is similar to "Recipe Round-Ups", but its more about recipes from restaurants.

In no particular order, here they are!

1. Cedar Plank Salmon and Jasmine Rice
I'd die for this, literally. It's soooo good and actually pretty healthy! The salmon has a really scrumptious marinade, that is definitely made from scratch. The Jasmine Rice makes the meal, its just so delicious and goes great with the salmon. Try something like this at a local restaurant! I get this from a country club.

2. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Its in a sub bun with lettuce, tomato, and ranch (but you can get blue cheese instead). The buffalo chicken isn't overwhelmingly spicy, so it goes just right with the ranch dressing. You can probably make this at home, just find a buffalo chicken recipe and put it in between a hamburger bun with some lettuce, tomato and dressing! Super easy to make, and extremely good.

3. Guacamole Burger
This is pretty much your basic bacon burger with a HUGE helping of guacamole on top. It's so good, and like the Buffalo Chicken sandwich, you can just make it at home. Bacon Burger + Guacamole = Heaven! At the restaurant where i buy this, they serve it with their own, special homemade fries. I would recommend making your favorite home fries (oven cooked, NOT fried!) and then, DEMOLISH!

4. Apple, Grape, and Brie Crepe
I can't express to you how much joy I get when I see the waiter/waitress bringing this over! It's your normal crepe with lots of tiny slices of brie, raw apple slices, and grapes cut in half. This takes me 3 minutes tops to devour, but its still huge! (when its folded in fourths, its bigger than my face, and I have a big face, kids!).

5. Caprese Sandwich
This sandwich is mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, pesto, and balsamic vinegar/vinaigrette on grilled white bread.  It's so good! But warning you, its addicting. Last time I had it, I wanted another one RIGHT after!

6. Cheese Gnocchi 
UGH, just thinking about this stuff makes my mouth water! I get it at a local Italian place. Unfortunately, they've removed it from the menu, which WILL be the death of me. It's pretty   much gnocchi DRENCHED in cheese sauce, with a quarter sized amount of marinara sauce, plopped in the middle. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

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