Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Switching Up the Three Meals of Your Day

Occasionally, that idea will cross your parents minds of having pancakes and eggs for dinner, and that's what this article is ALL about!

Here's the idea:

Breakfast: You want energy that will last you to lunch, but also simple foods that will wake up your taste buds without making your eyes water. Traditionally, we eat toast, pancakes, eggs, sausages, waffles, etc. But does pizza serve this purpose? Yes! As long as it's not high-calorie take out, its not so bad for you. If your parents make pizza on occasion, save a few slices and have them for breakfast the next few mornings. It serves the purpose: Delicious and Energizing!

Lunch: You want something yummy and nutritious, to hold you over through those last couple classes, until you get home and get snacking on your after-school snacks! An easy replacement is taking a leftover dinner, pretty much what I always do. My mom makes a mean meat loaf and i take then in a sandwich, always a delicious lunch. Also, soups! I guess these are lunch foods, but you can definitely replace lunch more dinnery (its a word, people!) foods!

Dinner: Ahh, the classic. As mentioned above, breakfast for dinner! This is pretty much my dinner on the weekends. I love pancakes with strawberries and raspberries! You can technically replace any dinner foods with breakfast foods!

Think of it like this:

Dinner > Lunch > Breakfast > Dinner! 
ITS A CYCLE! whoop! you'll probably be seeing quite a few of these!
Alright, sorry for the shortness of this article, but I'm gonna have to sign off!


Two Teen Chefs!

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