Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes Recipes Don’t Turn Out So Well…Like BBQ Popcorn!

     After demolishing the salad I made for myself (craisins, goat cheese, walnuts, and lettuce) at lunch today, I felt like I was still needing something to fill me up. Not wanting to go over to the long lunch line, I asked my friend to come to the vending machines to see what I could find. I was gonna go for just pretzels, but then this caught my eye:

      I thought this stuff looked amazing! It’s not SUPER healthy, but it’s definitely not terrible for you. When I got home, I made popcorn (no butter, just plain kernels). I took my pastry brush and just lightly glazed over the popped kernels (only a little so they don’t get soggy) with this sauce that I put together, hoping to imitate the flavors:
6 Parts of BBQ Sauce
A pinch of Chili Powder
A pinch of Curry or Salt (both kinda do the same thing. Salt bring out the flavors, and curry just brings the sauce to flavor that the salt does, if that makes sense.)
A pinch of Paprika
2 Part of Honey
1 Part of Sugar
I let it dry for as long as it needs. (Varied for each piece of popcorn, actually!)
You can put this over however much popcorn you want (less on each kernel for a big amount, more on each kernel for a small amount, or you can just make more.) You can refrigerate it, but we don't know how long it keeps. 
I did these 3 times, and one of the times the popcorn just shriveled up into wet little pieces. The other two times, it worked perfectly, and was SOO good! I’m not sure why this happened, but let us know what worked for you, in the comments!
Hasta la pasta!
Two Teen Chefs :)

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