Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Progress So Far... October 16th, 2011

Our blog has been on the web and open for viewing since Tuesday, October 4th. A week later, we had some content.  The date of our first post (excluding two "Welcome" posts, telling viewers we would have content up soon...) was October 11th. On October 13th, we posted a comment on one of fANNEtastic food's posts, which a few people have clicked on. All together, we have had 70 pageviews, from the U.S., the Netherlands, Russia, and Germany. People have accessed our site from Macs, PCs, and iPhones- via Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and SimplePie. The image below is a screenshot of information on our audience, according to our host, blogspot.

We've had content up for just 5 days, and still, we have had 70 pageviews! We just want to thank you for reading our blog, and tell you about some upcoming things. 

  • We are awaiting the approval of Google AdSense- this service will place ADs on our site that are related to our content.
  • We are looking at an upgrade, so we'd be, instead of This should attract more viewers.
  • We may create a posting schedule. By being more regular bloggers, we will always have something to write. Possible "regular features" include;
    • Recipe Roundup
    • Rules of Thumb 
    • Our Progress So Far (like this post)
    • At least two other posts by each chef (there are two of us, so thats four in total) per week.
  • We really need some more input and feedback from our readers. What would YOU like to see? Comment below!!!
Thanks for Reading!

Two Teen Chefs

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