Saturday, October 29, 2011

Party Food

The holiday season has just about begun- from the moment you wake up on October 31st to the moment you fall asleep on February 14th is when everyone is in the holiday zone. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, New Year's, and Valentine's day, all the big holidays, occur over a very small time frame. This post is about the foods you can make for your friends and family on these special occasions, being a boss teen chef and all. So, mail out some invites and get cooking.

1) Pizza. Honestly, who doesn't love pizza (that's a rhetorical question.... I'm sure there are many haters of pizza out there, but anywho...)? Think of the bubbly pizza and the crisp crust, able to be topped with anything you like. Salty, sweet, savory... Look at how much fun (f)ANNE(tastic food)'s pizza night was. Just buy some pizza dough at the supermarket, grab some sauce, mozzarella, plus your favorite toppings and you are ready to rock. A couple of bonus factors here are that you can have your friends help make dinner, and that you can make an activity out of it. Win.

2) Cake. Another obvious choice. But this time, try to step it up a notch! Make something not from a box, like a simple flourless chocolate cake. If you hate dry cake, like I do, try something homemade. People get really concerned about decorating cakes, but wouldn't it be better to have a slice of a sweet, rich, cocoa brown moist cake dusted with powdered sugar and topped with raspberries than a hunk of cake-from-a-box shellacked in sickeningly sweet neon frosting? Yes. So try it!

3) Munchables and Dippables. Very common. But, next time you host, stir it up! Put out pretzels with homemade honey mustard, or baked tortilla chips and homemade salsa/guacamole!

Every time you cook something, step a little bit out of your comfort zone. This way, you can easily improve your kitchen skills. Good luck!

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