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Recipe Roundup- October 12th, 2011

Welcome to our Recipe Roundup, a collection of recipes we've found on the web recently. Check them out, and give them a try! Let us know how it turns out for you in our Comments section. A * indicates that this is a recipe we have attempted, as of the date the article is published.

*These "One Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes for Two" are awesome- just mix up the batter, add any mix ins, and bake for a few minutes. She's totally right- sometimes, you just need two cupcakes! Great vanilla flavor, and doubling the recipe turned out very well. Great for a mini celebration with a friend!

This "Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie" looks amazing. What a great breakfast! It has 200 calories, and while 25% are from fat, this will keep you full. The protein content is impressive, too.

*Creamy guacamole is great with tortilla chips, pita chips, vegetables, and more- or you can spread it on a sandwich. This stuff is delicious, but we suggest adding some diced tomatoes. Avocados have great healthy fat, and guacamole is AMAZING. Our secret ingredient is cinnamon. It sounds weird, but just a pinch or so of it really makes a difference!

*It's not a recipe, but this guide from Seventeen is great- look at all these ideas for eating at home, on the go, at a restaurant! The article suggests, "Follow these 5-day plan, then alternate weeks...", but we only see one five-day plan, we wouldn't know what to "alternate" with (maybe your normal diet?), and one could become bored of this. But it includes some good ideas, too!
Seventeen's Breakfasts

Seventeen's Lunches
Seventeen's Snacks

Seventeen's Dinners

French Breakfast Muffins
These French Breakfast Muffins look amazing, and like they could make your kitchen smell amazing, too. You bake them, and while they're warm, you dip them in melted butter and then roll the tops into cinnamon sugar. 

The Writer of This Article is Pretty Creative

*Each one of these 20 Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas truly looks delicious. We've tried a couple of them, and they were great. The one you see to the right is an apple slice with peanut butter, oats, nuts, and chocolate chips.

Jumbo Blueberry Muffins?  The ideal breakfast, in handheld, to-go form. We could try to health-ify this one a bit, though...

Why are we writing this, when we could be making THIS (see picture to the left... yes, the one that makes your mouth water). It's Cinnamon Bread that you pull apart into pieces. I can smell it now....

I remember eating this stuff (puppy chow? muddy buddies?) at birthday parties when I was younger... and it has apparently made a comeback. Mmmmm, it just looks SO GOOD!

That's all for today, folks. 


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