Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cooking Resources for Teens

Obviously, this blog is great for information and ideas :D. But, you may be looking for a few other resources- like recipes, tips, strategies, creative ways to do things, or just inspiration. Here are a few places you could find those things. 

  • The web.... Oh, look, you've already found your way online. Try out some cooking and recipe websites! This particular one, allrecipes, is great, because you can search for anything you want to make, or by the ingredients you do and don't have. Great reviews, too- and the site has lots of tips on it for you!
  • Other blogs... There are tons of blogs out there other than this one that are full of great information. You might even start your own.
  • Magazines..... There are tons of Cooking Magazines out there. Every month or two, you'll get a new issue that's full of good recipes and tips, for a lot less money than you'd spend buying each issue at a grocery store, or a pharmacy. Subscribe! 
  • Books.... cookbooks, cookbooks for special diets, books on cooking for teens, books on how to cook, and more- they're all out there! Check a bookstore to find what you're looking for, or...
  • The Local Library..... it most likely has all of the above resources, and more. Check it out!

Good Luck!

Two Teen Chefs

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