Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because We're Four Years Old... Clearly!

Today, I saw the best idea. Muffin. Tin. Snacks. 

A great, new idea- all inspired by an idea intended for toddlers...  SWEET!

This is all over the blog-i-verse (is that a word?), but mostly on mommy blogs. It's quite a simple concept- you prepare different snacks and place a small portion of each into sections of a muffin pan. It comes out looking like the picture to the left. That picture is from this website, where I first found out about this idea. Sugary Flower, another BlogSpotter (representttt!), does a muffin tin snack/lunch and posts a photo of it every Monday... Muffin Tin Monday! Woop!  This website, while a bit less aesthetically appealing, has some good ideas on what to include into a muffin tin snack. Muffin Tin Mom, another BlogSpotter (woop!) has some great ideas, tips, and FAQ's. 


Once I did a couple google searches on the topic, I was overwhelmed by the amount of info out there. These moms are really into muffin tins...

ANYWAY, these types of snacks are great for people of any age. Try them out!


Two Teen Chefs

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